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Super Secret Entry

OK.  This is sort of awkward.  I mean, I should have mentioned something before, but it seemed so strange, so bizarre, so totally out of keeping with anything I've ever heard or read or believed.

::whispers::  I'm a witch.

Yeah.  Right.  Like anyone is going to believe me. 

I'm not a witch like Wizard of Oz.  My skin isn't green, and I don't wear those ridiculous striped socks.  I don't even get the tiara and the glimmery hoopskirts of Good Witch Glelnda.  And I'm not at all like Broom Hilda.  Or the hag that feeds poisoned apples to Snow White.  Or the trick-or-treat witch, with a wart on her nose, and a crazy black hat.  Or even the glamorous suburban Samantha, twitching my nose and making magic happen.

I'm just me.

But "just me" has a stash of books in her basement.  A box of crystals.  An uncanny ability to read a spell out loud and make it come true.

There.  I said it.  I know that it sounds crazy - if the guys with the straitjackets ever read this, they're going to show up at the Peabridge and take me away, lock me in a cell where I'll never have to worry about making another latte again.

But, really, what am I worried about?  I mean, this is just my journal.  I can't imagine that anyone else is ever going to read these words.  So what can it hurt to say it again:  I AM A WITCH.

I wonder if that gets easier to say over time?  Because it sure is scary, right now.



You go girl!

So....tell us how it happened! Have you always been a witch? Oh, and where is the Peabridge located? I wanted to drop in and see the place, but I couldn't find an address anywhere. I'm interested in opera productions in colonial Virginia. Did they perform the operas that were popular in England at the time? Those of Handel? Or were there American composers composing for the American stage? How many opera houses were there at the time? I know you'll be the perfect person to ask, or at least the information will be somewhere in the Peabridge collection!


Re: You go girl!

Well, more and more, I'm learning that I *have* always been a witch. I just didn't know it. If you know what I mean.

The Peabridge is in scenic Georgetown, an area of Washington, DC.

I'm not really allowed to do research for patrons who don't walk through our doors (allocation of grant money and time and all that), but I do know that there were not many original composers in the colonies. For the most part, great works were "imported." There were few public buildings that would have hosted public performances, such as the grand scale operas that you're familiar with from Europe - there might have been individual recitals held at operaphiles homes. In general, the colonies looked to England (and France) as their guides in what was *true* culture :-)

Jane, who must leave off answering to go brew yet another coffee...